Silver Leaf Nightstands

These night stands are part of my bedroom makeover, that I will eventually share in its entirety. First, I want to show you the little gems that made it feel like home!

– Find a nightstand, or piece of furniture, that you want to refinish. I found these on craigslist. They came in a pair, for about $40. I chose them because they were solid wood, I liked the door pattern, and they had original brass hardware.


– I sanded any scratches or rough spots. This won’t be necessary if your piece is in good shape.

– I sprayed the entire piece with silver leaf adhesive. It is important to use aspray adhesive .001n adhesive that is intended for leafing because it stays tacky long enough for you to finish the entire piece. Follow the instructions on the can you select to determine how long to wait before applying leaf sheets. I liked the Mona Lisa Spray Adhesive.

– When purchasing leafing, consider gold, bronze, or copper options. An economicalsilver leaf.001  alternative to silver is aluminum leaf, which still works beautifully. I ended up using aluminum.

Be sure to lay the leafing gently and in an area with no wind or breeze, the sheets are so delicate and easily crumble.

– Finish with a varnish. I used the Mona Lisa Spray Varnish, and I liked the effect of using about 5-7 coats. I could use about 1 can per coat on these nigh stands, so I was flying through cans! I would suggest using a regular glossy varnish from Home Depot if you have a large project, as an economical alternative to the Mona Lisa mini cans. The varnish does not need to be leafing specific like the adhesive.

Nighstand 1

More pictures are coming soon!


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