Tufted Headbord

My favorite part of my bedroom is my tufted headboard. It was inspired by the York Tufted Headboard from Pottery Barn.

– I traced the shape of the headboard that I wanted on large butcher paper. Please comment if you would like the details on how to do this step, and I will add details!

– My trusty assistant (dad) built the wood frame from this shape. He used 2 sheets of particle board, because plywood may have warped, and reinforced the middle with 2x4s. Please comment for more step-by-step instructions here.

– Using spray adhesive, I covered the wood with 1.5 inch foam from Jo Anne’s Fabrics, and cut the foam to shape.
HB 1

– We put a layer of 1 inch batting over the foam and stapled it to the back of the headboard.

– We used chalk lines on the back of the wood, to ensure that the buttons were in line and equal distance apart. We drilled small holes where we wanted the buttons, but did not drill through the foam.

– The next step is selecting fabric! I suggest using upholstery fabric because you need large enough fabric to avoid having seams show on the headboard. Only use seams if you have to, and try to keep them below the mattress line. We used a sewing machine to add a seam just below the mattress because I wanted a tall headboard!

HB 2

– Stretch the fabric over the wood, and staple to the back. For help on corners, please comment, that step was tedious!

– We purchased a fabric button kit from Hobby Lobby, and followed the instructions  on the kit to complete the buttons, this step was surprisingly easy.

– Using a long needle, we threaded the buttons through the wholes and stapled the string to the back of the headboard. We used upholstery string for added strength. You can depress the buttons to any depth to achieve the tuft that you desire. I liked the small tufts.

– This was the most complicated project I have tackled so far. If you would like, please share your successes or struggles with tufted headboards, or comment for more instruction on the above steps!




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