Sentimental Gift

My grandmother turned 75 today! This is a huge deal because she is one amazing woman. My brother and I wanted to do something special, so we made her this blanket, with memory bows.


Each bow has a memory written on it. To read the memory she got to untie the bows. We liked this idea, because she could look at a few at a time, and save some for later.

blanket 1

We used fabric markers to write on strips of ribbon that we sewed to the blanket, and tied into bows.

blanket 6

blanket 5

We taped the ribbon to the counter to make writing easier. It turned out, that the length of the diagonal on a sheet of paper, was the perfect length for the bows! We stitched the center of each ribbon to the blanket, with the message facing up, then we tied the bows.

blanket 3

She loved her gift, there were giggles and happy tears, and that was just after untying the first couple of bows.


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