Girl’s Night!

For my roommate’s birthday I made these mini desserts. We had just moved to our new apartment in Dallas, so I was low on time and ingredients. I made this spread using many of same ingredients in multiple desserts.


The Menu –

– Mini ‘Nilla Wafer Sandwiches: These were a total experiment, but ended up tasting like little chocolate dipped macaroons, and were the first to go! I put a very tiny dollop of banana pudding on one wafer,  layered a slice of fresh banana, then closed the sandwich with another wafer. I dipped half of the mini sandwich in chocolate, half of the batch in white and half in dark chocolate. Then, I refrigerated the sandwiches over night, and I think this was the key! The sandwiches were soft, but not  soggy at all.

– Mini Pudding Cups: Chocolate and Vanilla layers topped with a fresh raspberry, Banana pudding layered with crushed ‘Nilla wafers and topped with a slice of fresh banana and whipped cream

– Mini Cinnamon Twists: Simple pastry dough, twisted and brushed with butter flavored with cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg

– Red Velvet Cake Balls, dipped in white and dark chocolate



Topo Chico and Fresh Grapefruit

It is citrus season! Take advantage by squeezing your favorite citrus fruit into some cold TopoChico. I was on a meyer lemon kick last week, but I picked up a fresh grapefruit iGrape Topo.001n Austin, Texas, and have been craving this ever since.

The grapefruit was almost the size of my head, and the perfect combination of tart and sweet.


P.S. I have be interested in trying some combo fruits in my drinks. Perhaps the safe lemon-lime route? Or maybe I will start squeezing those little cutie clementines and my lemons together! Please comment and share your favorites or ideas.