About Me

I am KK. I graduated from The University of Texas in May, and am embarking on real life. I am starting my real job, decorating my real apartment, and trying to cook some real food.

I work at a large consulting firm, and enjoy posting these sweet indulgences whenever I have the time.

I am happy to have you here, please feel free to explore.

I am still building, so many of my pages are in progress, or naked!


Sentimental Gift

My grandmother turned 75 today! This is a huge deal because she is one amazing woman. My brother and I wanted to do something special, so we made her this blanket, with memory bows.


Each bow has a memory written on it. To read the memory she got to untie the bows. We liked this idea, because she could look at a few at a time, and save some for later.

blanket 1

We used fabric markers to write on strips of ribbon that we sewed to the blanket, and tied into bows.

blanket 6

blanket 5

We taped the ribbon to the counter to make writing easier. It turned out, that the length of the diagonal on a sheet of paper, was the perfect length for the bows! We stitched the center of each ribbon to the blanket, with the message facing up, then we tied the bows.

blanket 3

She loved her gift, there were giggles and happy tears, and that was just after untying the first couple of bows.

Sea Kayaking in Vancouver

Ohhh Canada! How lovely it was to visit.

Vancouver 2

Sea kayaking trip while in Vancouver.

The first 4 hours of paddling were quite pleasant. The way back felt like the equivalent of pedaling up a steep hill on a bicycle. We did make it back though, after some serious laughs and shoulder muscle development.

Antique Trunk

I wanted an antique trunk to complete my new bedroom. This was a find from my grandmother’s house, that made it to my house, and before my family members could intervene I started refinishing, which I think is the same as claiming it, right?

Pictured below is the beginning, before I stained my cuticles with wood stain. Trunk 1

I very lightly sanded any areas that were rough, but I wanted to keep the antique finish where possible. Below is what the inside looked like before I got my hands on it.

Trunk 3

I used Minwax, Dark Walnut to stain the outside of the trunk. I love this color. Tip: wear gloves. I also used some q-tips to get into any small indentions, because I wanted the whole trunk to be dark.

minwax dark walnut.001

After the stain dried, I finished with 2 coats of semi-gloss varnish.

Trunk 4

For the inside, I used a 1.5 inch layer of batting from the fabric store. I needed this to cover the occasional nail that poked through the wood. I selected a fabric that I loved, it did not match my room, but that was okay because my trunk would usually be closed. I stapled the fabric to the inside of the trunk.

Trunk - Fabric


Trunk 6 Trunk 5!

Girl’s Night!

For my roommate’s birthday I made these mini desserts. We had just moved to our new apartment in Dallas, so I was low on time and ingredients. I made this spread using many of same ingredients in multiple desserts.


The Menu –

– Mini ‘Nilla Wafer Sandwiches: These were a total experiment, but ended up tasting like little chocolate dipped macaroons, and were the first to go! I put a very tiny dollop of banana pudding on one wafer,  layered a slice of fresh banana, then closed the sandwich with another wafer. I dipped half of the mini sandwich in chocolate, half of the batch in white and half in dark chocolate. Then, I refrigerated the sandwiches over night, and I think this was the key! The sandwiches were soft, but not  soggy at all.

– Mini Pudding Cups: Chocolate and Vanilla layers topped with a fresh raspberry, Banana pudding layered with crushed ‘Nilla wafers and topped with a slice of fresh banana and whipped cream

– Mini Cinnamon Twists: Simple pastry dough, twisted and brushed with butter flavored with cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg

– Red Velvet Cake Balls, dipped in white and dark chocolate


Love Bird Coasters

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share the “Love Bird” Coasters that I made for my boyfriend.

These were a Christmas gift for him, he is always such a great sport when I give him one of my creations.

Love Birds.001 Love Birds.002

These are made out of cut slices of our Christmas tree. I sanded them, and then sanded again, and again. I used a disc sander, I think I would have been sanding these until Valentine’s Day had I been doing it by hand.

When they were finally smooth and level, I used high gloss spray varnish to finish them. I painted tiny love birds on the back of one of them, because I kind of like this guy.

Rocky Mountains

Skiing is my favorite.

We were lucky enough to be the first chair up on Peak 6, at Breckenridge Ski Resort today. It was neat, but honestly there was plenty of snow to go around.

Snow 3

The view from the Tippitty Top of Breckenridge.

snow 2

My dog Tucker also loves the snow. It must run in the family.


Costa Rica

The orphanage and school where we volunteered. The children were amazing, but I decided not to post pictures of them. Please share if you have experience volunteering abroad, it was by far the most amazing part of our time spent in the country.Costa 4

Tres Cruces Hike near San Jose

Costa 3

I can’t seem to stay away from this beautiful country. 3rd time’s the charm.

Costa Rica